This is a very rare and precious ukulele. From what we understand, there may be only a few of them left in the world. A David Mahelona, late 1920's/early 1930's "violin style" soprano. Solid, beautifully-hued Hawaiian koa, exquisite trim work, including hand-worked abalone inlays and absolutely lovely rope marquetry. This came to us in need of a thorough restoration and we have done that meticulously, keeping the integrity of this beautiful instrument in mind throughout. The friction tuners are not the originals, but we decided to leave them--they currently function well. This may be "collectible"--but we must tell you it plays beautifully and sounds as delicious as it looks! Big, sweet sound. We are including many, many pictures to give a thorough idea of this precious instrument and of its restoration. Tricky size to fit to a case! But we found a pineapple hardshell case that is a surprisingly good fit and we will include that.

David Mahelona Soprano late 1920's/early 1930's