This is a beautifully made and sounding Holiday Table Steel (8 string). Made by Charles Moore in Winchester, Indiana in the 1970's. It is in very good condition; some light dings and blemishes, legs are solid and the electronics function well. There once was a cover plate over the right hand playing position--this has been removed and is missing (see screw holes in picture) but as we understand it many players would not want this, anyway. You could have a new one fashioned easily enough. Great plugged-in sound! It all packs quickly and easily (including the legs) into a case which is included.

Here's some interesting background. It is written by John Moore, son of Charles Moore, and this is from the Steel Guitar Forum:
"In the early to mid 70's, the custom cabinet business in the small town of Winchester and surrounding areas began to decline as mass produced cabinets started to hit the markets. My father once again decided to build guitars, but this time for himself with his own design, building everything himself, including the pickups and castings. He named his company the Holiday Steel Guitar Co. In all he crafted 47 non-pedal steel guitars under the Holiday name. Approximately 8 or so being lap steels. His workshop was in the basement of our home in Winchester Indiana. There (in our home) he also opened a small store where he sold his guitars, classical guitars, Dobros and Banjos. In 1974, he formed a club to promote steel guitar music. The "International Hawaiian Steel Guitar Club" (IHSGC). The first meeting or "convention" of the club was held in our basement (wood working equipment moved for the event) in 1975. In the following years as the club grew and the convention grew, it was moved to various locations in Winchester, till it settled at Willard Elementary School. My father stopped making his guitars in the late 1970's. He continued to be president of the IHSGC until 1988, when the club was taken over by a few of its members and changed to the Aloha International Steel Guitar Club (AISGC). Are you aware of that organization? My dad didn't keep track of where his guitars went or who they were sold to...wish he had. I don't imagine there are many original owners still around unfortunately. The family managed to get one guitar back about 10 years ago (it is to come to me at some point). I have heard from several people regarding the quality and sound of the guitars my father made...some saying that they were superior to any guitar they had ever owned. There was a lot of pride and high quality craftsmanship that went into them...I know that from growing up and watching him make them."

Holiday Table Steel