We love this Vintage Silvertone Soprano Ukulele. All solid* mahogany, with original tuners. While there are scratches here and there, there are no signs of cracking or other significant issues with this--somewhat unusual for a 65 year old (or more) instrument. The friction tuners are basic originals but function well. We are calling this c1953 because "1953" (along with a person's name) is penciled inside the instrument--not to mention that all of the features of the instrument would indicate that. This has a slightly longer scale (13-7/8") than the typical soprano uke, giving it a bit of a concert feel and sound. It is freshly set up, cleaned and polished and plays very well with a pleasing tone. Gorgeous vintage brown shadeburst. This does not include a case, but we pack carefully. If you would like a case with it, please message us about that and we could include one at an extra cost. Thank you.

[*The sound hole has a painted rim, so we could not verify the solid wood (not laminate) that way. But in looking at grain patterns of the interior of this uke, as well as pictures of cracks on other ukes of this model which could only happen on solid woods (this one has no cracks), as well as descriptions of this model we have found, we determined this to be solid mahogany.]

Silvertone Vintage Soprano Ukulele c1953