This came to us in need of quite a bit of work, and we had fun doing it! A very campy Supertone Lone Ranger Hi-Ho Silver parlor. All of the back braces were off and the back itself was removed and split into two pieces. We glued and cleated the back (see pics) and carefully glued and clamped the braces back on. It previously had a poor quality floating bridge and we made a new, period-appropriate fixed bridge with a bone saddle for it. While the action is high (12/64" at the 12th fret), we have made this the best it can be and it is definitely a playable, fun instrument. This is NOT a project (we took care of that on our end)! New custom bone saddle, D'Addario Phosphor Bronze strings. We love the "Hi-Ho Silver" and "Lone Ranger" stencils. Plenty of nicks and dings, scratches and fades, but these are part of its funky mojo. Comes with a simple, vintage chipboard case.

Supertone Lone Ranger (SOLD)