“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” 
Aldous Huxley

The Folk Shop....

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The Folk Shop brick & mortar storefront


The Folk Shop has been in business in Tucson, Arizona since 1986. The store was originally founded by B.L. Anderson and was situated in a small, humble location in the 4th Avenue Shopping District (well known for their two annual street fairs and ex-Bohemians-turned capitalists).


In 1991, the store was purchased by its previous owner, Paul Blumentritt. The next few years brought growth to the business and by the time 1995 was over, they found themselves in a big, bright, beautiful setting in mid-town, where the Folk Shop happily continues.


They were able to disguise the odors of new carpet and fresh paint and replace it with the wonderful aromas of vintage cases, old calfskin heads, and dust bunnies the size of golf balls. They also managed, quite successfully, to fill the store from top to bottom, and side to side, with just about every imaginable instrument. The Folk Shop continues to take pride in the diversity of vintage and world instruments in stock.


In July of 2016 Paul and Brenda retired and the store is now under the ownership of Milo Solujic. Milo is a fixture of the Tucson music community and has had a successful bluegrass radio show going on 33 years.


The Folk Shop has been legendary for its banjos (former owner Paul's passion) but we are also constantly looking for old guitars, mandolins, fiddles and any old musical treasures no matter how eclectic. And rest assured that under Milo's ownership the things you love about the Folk Shop still remain!


We continue to buy and sell and love interesting trades and consignments; most of all, we love talking about music, the instruments, and the people who play them.


Milo Solujic

Owner/El Jefe

Milo has been the proud owner of The Folk Shop since 2016. You may know him from his bluegrass radio show on KXCI (for 35 years!), from his active role in the Tucson Folk Festival, or as a musician around Tucson! 

Merricat Roy

Retail Goddess

Artist, hippie chick with no musical ability (except to applaud and whistle) Merricat brings lots of retail experience as well as an enthusiastic approach to ukulele.

Wally Lawder

Music Operations, Time Lord

Wally previously worked at the Folk Shop with former owners Paul and Brenda, during which time he learned many mystical secrets which cannot be revealed. This knowledge continues to live through him under Milo's ownership, as he manages music operations in the latest version of the Folk Shop!

Chris Keefer

Sales, Service, Ethnomusicologizer

Chris is our most recent staff edition, and fits perfectly. He brings a keen interest in traditional music and knowledge of many instruments--some of which he can play! If you've had a tough day and need to talk music with a friendly face, Chris is your man.

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