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Guitars at The Folk Shop
Recording King Guitars
Kremona Classical Guitars
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​​Because we sell many used and vintage guitars, everything is constantly changing, nothing stays the same and we like it that way! Please feel free to email us at with your wants. 

We are competitive with any dealer on or off the net. Plus we do our own pro set-ups and offer free after purchase 'tweaks'-something you won't get from the net or some remote dealer.


While we take pride in our used and vintage selection, we are also proud to be a dealer of several lines of new instruments as well. We can't list our ever-changing lines of used and vintage instruments, but here are new guitars that we are dealers for: 


Recording King




We haven't found a better guitar for the money than these beauties. We carry a wider variety--here's a video of their very affordable Dirty 30's Resonator!







Bulgarian made classical guitars.  We purchase their "blems" which make these an outstanding value.




Islander guitars are made by the Kanilea ukulele company. While they are guitars, they have a bit of island spirit to them!

The Loar

The Loar pays homage to instruments from the 1920’s and 30’s, an age of outstanding craftsmanship and innovative design. 



Washburn began making instruments in 1883 and is continually reinventing itself in interesting ways.


Beginner and intermediate classical guitars and Mariachi instruments.

Independent Luthiers

We like to carry top quality, handcrafted guitars by independent luthiers and small shops.

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