Ukes are HOT! The ukulele is enjoying a marvelous resurgence. They're easy to play and the strummy sound works very well behind any voice.  Even the little soprano will satisfy the biggest adult (see Iz).  Also because the chord shapes are the same as the first four strings of a guitar, it's a good way to begin learning the six-string guitar.


We have all sizes:  Soprano - Concert - Tenor - Baritone


Prices range from a nice affordable instrument for your grandchild, to instruments for the beginning adult and advancing player, up to higher end new and used instruments.  Cases are also available - gig bags, and high quality hard-shell cases for all sizes at affordable prices.

Ohana Ukuleles




Highest quality ukes at a reasonable price.

Mainland Ukes

All solid-wood at a great price--final assembly in the USA!

APC (Antonio Carvalho)

Made in Antonio Carvalho's shop in Portugal, where the ukulele began! Largely handcrafted. All solid woods (Acacian koa) with lovely styling.