INVENTORY LIST     Last update: 5/28/20

This is a simple list of most of our new and used instrument inventory (but not our accessories). We are not in position to have a detailed description or photos of everything on this list, but if you have questions or are interested in buying, please email us at: . Please be sure to include your phone number.


We also have quite a few instruments on sale at our store, with lots of pictures and detailed descriptions. You can arrange the whole purchase there, including shipping!  We encourage you to shop there:



Gold Tone AC-1, 5-string open back w/gig bag --$224

Savannah SB-080 resonator --$279

Eddy Finn banjolele --$199

Gold Tone Little Gem banjolele w/gig bag --$159


Kentucky KM-855 F-style, radius fretboard w/deluxe gig bag --$1399

Kentucky KM-140 A-style --$419

Kentucky KM-156 with deluxe gig bag, A-style --$449

Loar LM-110 A-style --$289

Recording King RAM-3-TS A-Style --$199

Washburn M1SDLB-A A-style oval hole, black --$249

Guitar Works A-style --$99


Recording King RGA-GC-CFES grand auditorium cutaway w/PU --$429

Loar LH 300-BK arch top --$499

Recording King RPS-11-FE3-TS, all solid wood parlor --$459

Recording King PR1-16C 12 fret cutaway parlor --$499

Loar LH-204-BR --$479

Blueridge BR-40-LE dreadnought w/deluxe gig bag --$479

Islander RS-MG w/deluxe gig bag -$449

Recording King RPS-7-MBK parlor, black --$169

Washburn Thinline classical w/cutaway, PU --$399

Lucida  LG-510 student classical 3/4 --$99

Lucida  LG-510 student classical 1/2 --$89

Lucida  LG-510 student classical 1/4 --$99



Ohana O'Nina blue willow (Sopranisimo) --$119.

Ohana O'Nina red willow (Sopranisimo) --$119.

Ohana Piqueno (Sopranino) solid mahogany --$219.

Ohana SK-21 (Sopranino) solid mahogany --$159.

Ohana SK-10 mahogany --$69

Ohana SK-39 solid mahogany --$259

Ohana SK-15BL blue --$79

Ohana SK-28 solid mahogany --$239

Ohana SK-10GN green --$69

Mainland MNG-SG solid mango --$239

Mainland RC7-PC cedar/rosewood pineapple --$269

Kamaka HF-1 w/deluxe case --$995

Kamaka HP-1 pineapple w/deluxe case --$995


Ohana CK-10. mahogany --$99

Ohana CK-15BWE ebony --$299

Ohana CK-22Z spruce/zebrawood --$169

Ohana CK-150QEL spruce/eucalyptus --$309

Ohana CK-38 solid mahogany (b-stock) --$289

Ohana CK-14L Cynthia Lin w/gig bag --$195

Islander Hawaiian Isles w/tweed case --$129

Kamaka HF-2 w/deluxe case --$1195


Ohana TK-10 mahogany --$119

Ohana SK-30L (soprano body, tenor neck) solid mahogany --$169

Ohana TK-70G 6 string spruce/mahogany (B-stock) --$239

Ohana TK-50-ME cedar/ebony --$259

Ohana TK-70W spruce/walnut --$209

Ohana TK-180M okume --$169


Ohana BK-10 mahogany (B-stock) --$124

Ohana BK-50-ME cedar/ebony --$289

Ohana BKT-70G spruce/mahogany (bari body, tenor scale neck) --$259

Ohana BK-180M okume --$189

Ohana BK-20 solid mahogany top (B-stock) --$159



AC161C4       Hohner Pokerwork Accordion --$359

AC170V4.      Lombardi Button Accordion --$225 

AC180P2       No Name 120 Bass Accordion --$149

AC181L3.       Stagi 30 button Concertina w/case --$399

AC200V8-2   Tone Crest Accordion --$189

AC202V2       No Name Italian Accordion --$269


AH200S4      Oscar Schmidt Autoharp --$250


BO190T2       White Mountain Sholo --$799

BO190T2       Vega Hybrid 5 String  S/N#68817 --$759

BO193H0       Deering White Oak w/HSC --$1450

BO200v4-1    Vega Tubaphone c1925 w/Bart Reiter 5 string neck --$1895

BO200V4-2   Bart Reiter Standard w/case --$1100

BR200V1       Alvarez resonator w/case --$195

BR192H9       Vega Wonder Plectrum, c1968 --$525

BT180C8       Gold Tone Tenor IT-250 w/gig bag --$699

BU192L8        Slingerland Banjo Uke --$249

BX182L2        Gold Tone Banjola w/gig bag --$449


DH200N8     Songbird Chickadee 13/12 Hammer Dulcimer --$229

DH201V1       Songbird 16/15 Hammer Dulcimer w/case --$339

DL182U1       Cripple Creek Dulcimer --$179

DL190S5       Geoffry Johnson Mountain Dulcimer --$159

DL192U6      No Name Dulcimer --$75

DL193C1       No Name Dulcimer w/case --$135

DL201V8      Meadow Lap Dulcimer --(coming soon)

DL202N4-2  Apple Creek Dulcimer --(coming soon)


FF181E2-1     Antonio Curatoli 4/4 violin w/case @1916 w/Vivzi Tone Producer --(coming soon)

FF181E2-4    CC Sutton "Remie" 15" w/case & bow --$175

FF191C8       Wilhelm Duerer fecit Violin --$649

FF191H8       Venetian Violin 4/4 --$175

FT162C0       3/4 Strad violin copy w/case & bow (West Germany) --$349

FX190C3       NS Designs Electric Violin outfit --$449

FX190C5       Scott Cao Upright Bass w/gig bag --(coming soon)

FX192E3       Karl Knilling Viola (big boy) --$325

FX192L5       Franz Kirichnek Cello w/gig bag & bow --$1095

FX192N9      Klaus Mueller Etude 1/10 outfit --$95

CONXXX.     Arnold Opel Giegenhaumeister 3/4 cello c1929 --$3495


GE171N0       Silvertone Electric Guitar (lefty) --$60

GL191L4        Magnatone Lap Steel --$375

GL191M0      Kiesel Lap Steel --$325

GN191C0       Esteve 35T64 Spanish classical --$375

GN192H5      MG Conteras Estudio Guitar w/HSC --$995

GR181U3       Gold Tone SM Weissenborn w/HSC --$729

GS181E2.       Gibson J-35 (c1942) w/chipboard case --(for future sale)

GS182J5        Epiphone Elvis Black Jumbo --$649

GS190C3       Martin D-28 (1974) w/HSC --$2395

GS190P4       Fender CD140SHL C LH (lefty) --$159

GS190T6       Romance/Parlor Guitar circa 1900's --(coming soon)

GS191H0       Luna Hen-Pen guitar w/electronics and HSC --$275

GS191J9        Larrive OM-3 "Koa Spice" guitar w/HSC --$1195

GS191T4        Swanson OM, Brazilian rosewood --$1395

GS192N2       1870's Martin 2-1/2 17 guitar --(not for sale, but fun to see)

GS192T6        Accent Guitar --$79

GS193M1       Nelson F.T. 27 Bearcat Special w/case --$779

GS200N7      NGC (Nashville Guitar Co) OM c2007 w/HSC --$2295

GS200V1       Riner "Little Boy Blue" --$575

GS201N0       Sigma Martin GS-D c1980 --$225

GS201N0       Recording King RPS-7-MBK (new open box) --$140

GS201S0       Yamaha AIM --$429

GS201S4       Samick D-CD/BK --$150

GS201V1       Sawtooth Guitar --$95

GS202N9      Mexican Flag Guitar --$75

GS202V5       Baby Taylor w/deluxe gig bag --$195

GV201V3       Takamine F385 12 string guitar --$259

GV192L7       Epiphone by Gibson 12 String PR-650-12 --$239

GX172U8       Holiday Table Steel Guitar w/legs & HSC --$899

GX190T2       Dean Acoustic Bass --$249

GX190V9       Washtub Bass --$142

GX191L9-M   Framus guitar / zither w/case --(coming soon)

GX191N8       Jarana Jorocha --$195

GX192C3       Tecalitlan Vihuela w/gig bag --$249

GX202N5      Gold Tone F-6 Mandoguitar w/case --$429

GX202V2       No Name Intermediate level Balalaika --$125


HA192H9       Stone Mountain 31 string Harp --$559

HA200N3      Roosebeck Minstrel 29 Harp --$399


MF190C3       Bluett F4 w/PU (1999) w/HSC --$2995

MF200N7      Lignatone Flat Top --(coming soon)

MF200S3       Applause Ovation MAE 148 w/case (coming soon)

MF200V2       Alvarez A-1 c2008 --$375

MF200V4       Loar Mandolin LM-400, A-style w/case --$379

MF201V1        Kentucky KM140 A-style --(coming soon)

MF202V1       Vega Fairbanks Little Wonder Banjolin --595


PR171P7       Kpanogo Drum --$75

PR181V5       Gong Frame (wood) --$100

PR181V5       Gong w/mallet --$75

PR182U3      Cowbell --$10

PR191H1       Dun Dunba (big Drum of Trio) --$160

PR191H1       Talking Drum w/stick --$75

PR191H1       Meinl :Ashiko Style" Drum double headed --$40

PR191L3       No Name Kalimba --$20

PR191T5       Deluxe Djembe Drum Bag --$30

PR191U8       Latin Percussion Cabasa --$26

PR192T1       World Drums (New Mexico) Cajon --$249

PR200S6     Goshen Row Kalimba (wood & Gourd) --$80

PR201V5      LP Aspire Timbales w/stand --$149

PR201V8      Frame Drum 22" --$55

PR201V8      Djembe 7" Head Triangle edge carved --$30

PR201V8      Doumbek Aluminum Vinyl covered --$55

PR201V8      Doumbek Alexandria Drum --$55

PR202N5     Log Drum --$55


UK170U1      Harmony vintage soprano --$29

UK171C2       Lunatic" Fringe Gourd Uke w/PU --$89

UK171J9       Regal Richwood soprano --$75

UK180T2      David Mahelona vintage Hawaiian c1920s/30's --$9,895.

UK181P9       Harmony vintage soprano --$59

UK191L4-1     Kamaka Soprano c1954-69 w/case --$549

UK191L9-M   Martin Style 0 c1950s w/chipboard case --$559

UK190T7      Kala KA-SMEC mahogany concert --$149

UK191C2       Makai MT-70 concert --$70

UK191L2       Cocobolo Super Soprano --$495

UK202P8-2    Ohana CK-50WG --$159

UK202P8.      Kala KA-KCG Concert Koa --$189

UK192S2-1     Martin S-0 Soprano (Mexico) w/gig bag --$269

UK200V2       Ashton Sorcerer Cigar Box Uke w/box --$195

UK201_4       Luna $95

UK20218       Yamaha Guitarlele --$80