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Native American Flutes at The Folk Shop
Hohner harmonica

​​High Spirits

High Spirits' founder Odell Borg's heritage of German and Chippewa Indian is reflected in the design and craftsmanship of these fine musical instruments.  Odell makes each flute from a solid piece of the finest cedar (instead of gluing two halves together as is so common) eliminating splits or separation caused by moisture of the breath.  Each flute is finished with three coats of a non-toxic hardening oil for durability and clarity of sound, and each flute is precision-tuned so that it will blend perfectly with other instruments.

Hohner Harmonicas

We carry a wide selection of Hohners, from top of the line, German made to starter models to in betweens! And in a wide range of keys as well.


Ocarina, vessel flute, sweet potato - these are just some of the many names given to the little flute-like instruments that humans have been tooting on for as long as can be documented.


They can be made out of many different materials like clay, ceramic, wood and plastic and out of many natural vessels such as gourds and horns.    


We have all sorts of ocarinas at the The Folk Shop.   Feel free to call or e-mail us about them.


Happy Toots!

Miscellaneous Wind


Recorders, Tin Whistles, Harmonicas, Pan Pipes, Kenas, Kenachos, Bagpipe Chanters, Shakuhachi, get the picture.




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