We work with qualified and skilled luthiers to maintain and repair your valued instrument. Please call for an estimate or better yet, bring it into the shop for a hands on recommendation for services.​



If you'd like to consign your instrument with us, our commission rate is generally 20% of the selling price.  When you bring your instrument in, together we'll decide on a fair, retail price.  Be advised that we won't hang anything on our wall for someone who's 'just fishin'.  We will make 'deals' out of our commission first and allow you to decide any offers.

FREE Evaluations


Ever wonder what that old guitar is worth that Uncle Jack left you?  How about the fiddle you found at your next door neighbor's garage sale?  At no cost to you, we will freely give you our opinion regarding any instrument you'd like us to preview. Whether you're looking to buy, sell or trade your instrument, our evaluations are FREE.