Percussion, Drums, Bodhrans, Tambourines, Maracas

​​Ethnic Percussion and Related Accessories

We've been commended as having a terrific supply of ethnic percussion instruments.  Some fun stuff such as: Doumbeks, Djembes, Udu style Drums, Bodhrans, Gourd Maracas, African carved Rattles, Seed Pod Rattles, Ribbitting Frog Calls, Cabasas, Limberjacks, ....... please come see our eclectic selection.


Remo incorporates a variety of modern technologies that allow them to be "accessible and affordable to the rapidly growing number of part-time players on the planet."

HAPI drums

HAPI is short for "hand activated percussion instrument" and HAPI drums are a unique form of melodic percussion and fun to play!

LP (Latin Percussion)

LP is one of the leading manufacturers of percussion instruments including timbales, cowbells, congas, and bongos.