​​We buy and sell banjos in all configurations and styles and have a whole room full of new and used banjos to choose from.  There may someday be an inventory list, but until then, please be as specific as you can on your requests.  We spend a lot of time with each new banjo before it is offered for sale.  This includes a total set-up to make each banjo sound as good as it can.  Of course, this is a middle-of-the-road set-up that we will customize to the new owner.  Also, we'll do check-ups when you bring it in.  We feel that these free services put us notches above the "box in, box out" mail order and auction houses.  Every banjo, even the cheapest, has its own voice and we respect that sound.  Please e-mail with questions on identifications, repairs, parts, or other banjo related inquiries.


We also have accumulated many banjo parts, necks, pots, all the different hardware pieces-tensionhoops, tone rings, shoes, brackets, frogs, tuners, and all the other psuedo-unobtainia.  Let us know what you are seaching for and we'll try to help.



Gold Tone Banjos

Gold Tone Banjos



Great banjos at affordable prices.  Gold Tone is proving to be our favorite line of beginner and intermediate banjos.  Most models have a Price straight-line tailpiece, arm-rest, dual co-ordinator rods, and dual-action truss rod.  These features make for exact adjustments and playability.  They carry a lifetime warranty and now offer a free transferable warranty.



Recording King Banjos

Recording King



Their higher end models-designed by the master, Greg Rich, are changing the banjo world. We have many models in stock, open backs and 'grassers.