This Kremona Verea VA is an excellent "crossover" classical guitar. And because it is a "blem" we are selling it for $100 less than normal retail (see pictue--this is not B-stock but more like A- as it is the tiniest of dings giving you this great savings). Made in Bulgaria. Solid cedar top, rosewood back an sides. We all this a "crossover" because it has a 48mm (1-7/8") nut rather than the common classical 52mm (2") nut. Excellent for steel string players who like the nylon sound, or for classial players who want a narrower feel. Cutaway body. Electronics: Fishman Presys Blender. Comes with deluxe Kremona gig bag.

Kremona Verea Cutaway w/PU "Blem" (NEW)