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This c1900 "Romantic Parlor" has been lovingly restored in our shop. It came to us with the bridge removed and with several puncture holes in the top under where the bridge used to be. The bridge was missing one of its "fleur de lis" style tails. We spliced in the missing top area and installed a new bridge plate, and rebuilt the bridge with a new fleur de lis tail. We don't know anything about this particular builder but do know that this style of parlor was made in France and Germany in the early 1900's. We saw a nearly identical version labeled as made by Phil Keller (Germany). The back and sides are mahogany, the top spruce, and the fretboard and bridge are ebony. The neck and headstock are painted black but we believe they are mahogany. Original "reverse" tuners with ivory buttons! Original brass fret-wire style saddle. We cleated and sealed one small, tight, 2-1/2' crack on the top below the B-string (see pictures), and glued and sealed a tight 4" crack on the back. This is currently set up with Silk & Steel strings which we think are a perfect match. Action is 8/64" at the low E, 6/64" at the high E. The tuners work beautifully--two of the shafts are slightly bent but do not effect function and we did not want to disturb them. This vintage instrument has a sweet sound and plays very nicely. Collectible and playable!

Phil Keller (?) Vintage Parlor Classical

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