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Octave ukulele--what a concept! Rick Turner Compass Rose. This is a prototype of Rick Turner's Octave ukulele that he built for himself and then decided to put on the market. Impeccable appearance and beautiful, unique tone. What do you play on octave uke? Let the uke itself tell you--that's what we found. This features an Italian spruce top with the back and sides a stunning Amazon rosewood. Attractive and unique inlay work. The headstock and body are bound in blue pearloid--an unusual choice, but a very attractive one in this case. How is it tuned? Imagine a standard low G ukulele and then go an octave lower; so, a fifth lower than a baritone. In showroom-new condition.  Comes with a deluxe hardshell case.

Rick Turner Compass Rose Octave Ukulele

    Call for Details 520-881-7147
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